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The shool of models

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Модный журнал
The standards and trends of the modelling industry are very changeable, therefore everyone has a chance to become a model!

To build a career in modelling, you need to be able to walk correctly, competently work for the camera and pose with confidence.

It is also important to understand fashion, to be aware of modern trends, nutrition and makeup basics.

In all these areas we prepare our students in our school of models.

During the training period we form for our students a professional modelling portfolio with the help of which we promote them in the future.

Thanks to our specialists, you will gain not only self-confidence but also invaluable experience of working in front of the camera, confident and correct gait. You will learn to look dignified and beautiful in any situation.

Unleash your potential and realise yourself in the modelling industry!

We have an individual approach to each student. We do our best to make everyone feel comfortable.
The author's programme developed by the director of the agency Natalia Sheltrekova.
Individual approach
Unique programme


During training all students have a unique opportunity to appear in an advertisement for a partner store.
We constantly improve our qualifications and attract only the best specialists of the beauty industry.
Advertising shoots
The best specialists


Runway walk

A beautiful gait is an art!
And we will teach you it.
Classes are held according to the modern programme 'Runway Walk Basics'.

It includes special exercises for the legs and back which allow anyone to form a beautiful and correct gait.
The exercises for coordination, rhythm and relaxation are also included.
Much attention is paid to the study of model turns, stances and arm and leg movement techniques to form an ideal gait.

Any model needs to be able to pose beautifully and correctly.
Our unique programme 'The Geometry of Posing' is a systematic teaching methodology adapted to each age group.

It contains the techniques of psychological perception of the camera and the photographer, aimed at loosing up and raising your self-esteem.
We will teach you how to work with your body, sort out all the mistakes of photo posing, reveal model life hacks and the secrets of successful shots.

Photo posing


Every person strives to dress well, regardless of age, social status and income level.
You will learn how to choose the right things for yourself, skillfully combine colours in clothes and choose jewellery to match the image.

You will learn about facial care and the correct techniques of applying makeup, get to know how to choose cosmetics and do yourself 2 types of makeup (day and evening) which will correctly flatter your facial features.


Modeling Basics

You will learn all the secrets about the most beautiful profession in the world: what casting mistakes should be avoided, what a model needs to be successful, modelling features in different countries of the world, myths and realities about the modelling business.

Social media management for models

In the modern world everyone uses social media. This discipline helps to keep your social media organised and form the right perception of your personality among the audience. Our teachers are SMM specialists who will analyse your profiles, give advice and tell you about the secrets of Instagram and VK.
Proper nutrition and an active lifestyle are the key to beauty and health. The nutritionists of our agency will tell you about proper nutrition, help you adjust your diet so that the body receives all the necessary vitamins and minerals. They will tell you how to get a beautiful figure without stress and exhausting diets as well as how to maintain this shape without harm to health.

Fitness and Dietetics

Acting skills

A model needs to be able to work with emotions, quickly get into the character in front of the camera or on the runway. Our teachers will help you get rid of fears, embarrassment and self-doubt. They will show you techniques and exercises for facial expressions, tell the actors' life hacks and train with you all the necessary emotions.
In this discipline you will learn about the subtleties and manner of communication in the modelling field (with designers, photographers, stylists). We will tell you how to make a good impression and prove yourself from the best side. You will get to know the basic rules of behaviour for casting, fashion shows and photo shoots, learn to speak politely and conduct a business conversation.


Every modern person has a mobile phone with a built-in camera. At a masterclass from a professional photographer you will learn how to get the desired photo quickly and efficiently, how to work with light, what camera functions are in the phone and what they are for as well as other nuances when shooting with a mobile phone.

Mobile photography

The ability to do your hair is one of the important skills in the work of a model and in everyday life. After all, a hairstyle can finally complete an image, demonstrate your character and mood. Our teachers will tell you how to take care of your hair, give advice about hairstyles suitable especially for you and, of course, teach you how to do simple but effective hairstyles.




14-26 years old

Group composition:
10-16 people

Training period:
4 months


Class Length:
2 lessons - 1 hour each

Photo shooting:
The end of each month



For open-minded and motivated people who dream of connecting their lives with the world of fashion, making money in this business and being successful and in demand.
For those who want to get a beautiful gait, master the art of photo posing and other useful skills that will help you look beautiful in everyday life.
For those who want to get a lot of cool photos, take part in real advertising shoots and meet interesting people in the beauty industry.
For those who want to build self-confidence, improve self-esteem, learn to be beautiful and unleash their creativity.
Payment is made within a month but no later than the day of shooting.
Come with a friend and you will get a discount of 500 roubles each for the first month of training.
No additional expenses. 4 months of training and 4 photo sessions are already included in the price.

3900 roubles/month


The cost is final





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